A simple floating point conversion tool that allows for an arbitrary size float. It also gives useful information about min/max values.

I have not done too much testing so I would still double check the output, specifically the decimal representations.


This is IEEE 754 compatible as far as I know. (32 bit floating point value with 1 sign bit, 8 exponent bits, and 23 mantissa bits)

The binary values are specified as (1 bit sign) (x bits exponent) (y bits mantissa)

Everything is given as a magnitude, so simply negate a value if you need, say, the smallest possible normalized value.


The 1 sign bit is assumed.

Please note that the maximum supported exponent bit width is about 53. This shouldn't be an issue as even the octuple precision floating-point format only has 19 exponent bits.

- Type - - Scientific notation (Binary) - - Binary - - Scientific notation (Decimal) -
Smallest normalized value
Largest normalized value
Smallest denormalized value
Largest denormalized value
Input - binary to decimal not implemented obvious
Input - decimal to binary not implemented not implemented not implemented

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